CBRA to Saanich: Send Penrhyn townhouses proposal back to developer

In a letter today to the District of Saanich, CBRA Chair Eric Dahli writes: 

November 2, 2017 

Dear Mayor Atwell and

Development Application 2590, 2594 & 2598 Penrhyn Street 

Cadboro Bay Residents’ Association is opposed to this project which proposes
that 14 three-storey townhouses be built on 3 single family lots on lower
Penrhyn Street adjacent to Gyro Park.

refer to the specific concerns expressed in our June 26, 2017 and October 14,
2016 letters to Saanich and in the community survey attached.  They are
still very relevant.

of our citizens took the time to complete a 4-page survey which was mailed to
all Cadboro Bay residents.  The vast majority expressed the opinion that:

The proposed structure does not fit with the neighbourhood;
It should be two storeys or less;
It should include more green space and fewer units

are disappointed that requests made by CBRA and neighbours regarding setbacks,
height, design and other fundamentals have been ignored by the developer with
no attempts to reach a compromise. 

application has been in process for nearly two years, mainly due to delays by
the applicant. For example their Arborist’s report, indicating removal of some
30(?) trees, was not filed until May, 2017.   The elapse of time
shouldn’t justify rushing ahead with a proposal that the community opposes. An
alternative 2 storey development with fewer units would address many problems
that Cadboro Bay residents feel strongly about – lack of fit with the
neighbourhood, sight lines from Cadboro Gyro Park, excessive overshadowing,
blockage of views, drainage demands, excessive traffic, etc.  2 storey
units might also be affordable enough for some young families to live close to
the beach.   

behalf of our residents, CBRA requests that this application be sent back to
the developer to address these community concerns and not be granted a public
hearing at this time.



Cadboro Bay Residents Association. 

Saanich Planning.

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