Help sought for UVic Physical Activity Study

From Annie Walters-Shumka of the Behavioural Medicine Lab at the University of Victoria:

name is Annie Walters-Shumka and I work for the Behavioural Medicine
Lab at the University of Victoria.  We are currently conducting a family
physical activity study, which looks at strategies to improve physical
activity in children.  I am inquiring as to whether you might be able to
distribute our recruitment flyer by email to the residents of your
community association. I have provided you with some more information
about our research below and I would be happy to meet with you at your
convenience to further discuss the project.

study is looking at various strategies that can be used to increase
physical activity in children. It is a six-month study with fitness
assessments of the child at the beginning and end of the study (if the
child is five or younger, there is no fitness test).  Families will then receive materials to help their children become more physically active. The child’s
activity and progress will be followed, and they will wear an
accelerometer at four time points. We bring these to the families and
retrieve them, so there is not too much hassle.  At the end, the child
would have a final fitness test at UVic and we go over all results with
the families.  The families would gain materials to get them more
active, as well as cash incentives after each assessment!

thank you for your time and your consideration. If you have any
questions or concerns at all, please feel free to contact me by email by phone at 250-217-7683. I would also be happy to meet and discuss this in person at your convenience.

Kind regards,

Annie Walters-Shumka

Recruitment Officer

Behavioural Medicine Lab

University of Victoria​​

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