Beached boat on Gyro Beach removed within two days


Monday, November 13, 2017: A 42′ ketch the Norsulyn (photo) became  beached on the Saanich portion of Cadboro Bay, right in the front of the
park.  Saanich Police; the Public Works and Parks
Emergency After Hours Team; and the coast guard were notified.

The owner himself was present on the beach when CBRA Chair Eric Dahli and CBRA Director Rick West arrived there around 4:30pm. They advised him to get in touch with C-Tow.

Update November 14, 2017, 2:35 PM: The subject boat will remain on the beach until
such time the sea water can be pumped out and therefore make it possible
for C-Tow to pull it off the beach. There was an  unsuccessful attempt
to remove the Norsulyn to-day at the 1 pm high tide.

Update, November 15, 2017: The subject boat was removed from the beach in Cadboro Bay at  1:10 this afternoon. C-Tow had two of their boats pull it free at high tide. The coast guard was there to assist with a pump.The
destination of the Norsulyn is not known. According to the owner , Mr.
Ross Griffin the starter motor was not working so the Norsulyn must be
towed or sailed to a new destination.C-Tow may be aware of the final  hopefully secure destination. 

2:50 PM: The subject boat was last seen off of Mt. BAKER VIEW Road  heading north. Being towed by C-Tow.C-Tow may be aware of the final  and  hopefully secure destination. 

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  1. The Norsulyn was named after me and 2 of my cousins back in the mid-60’s. My grandfather, Cpn E. T. Knowles had it built when he retired from the Navy. I’m crying now seeing it beached on it’s side.

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