Saanich Archives, March 2018

In Saanich Archives this month: 

  • Talk: Observatory Turns 100: Our next talk, “First Light: A Brief History of the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory”, will take place on Wednesday, May 16th – exactly 100 years since the Observatory opened. […] 
  • New: Elizabeth Tatlow Photos: We recently received several photos taken
    at the property of Mrs. Elizabeth Tatlow (at Arbutus and Finnerty) in
    the summer of 1918.[…] 
  • Online: Muggins WWI Medals: Several countries recognized Muggins the dog for his war service,
    and we are honoured to have his medals at Saanich Archives. […] 
  • Photo: Lilies in Gordon Head: In honour of Spring, our feature photo shows a lily bed with Ash Road and Torquay
    in the distance.

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