Proposals for Saanich Municipality

 Dear Sirs

For the up-coming meeting I propose to

 First on a request to the Saanich Municipality, that
the voting statistics of the council members be published.
Considering the next elections, for a functioning
democratic process the knowledge how individual councillors voted on the
specific issues is of paramount importance. (Issue, Yes/No or

Secondly, to be no more secret or closed door
meetings. Exception: For a specific agenda point, when the private matters of an
individual have to be discussed.
( for example: early retirement because of

 Thirdly, Saanich Municipality will not participate in
any closed meetings in the CRD or similar institutions and consequently will not
honour decisions made in camera.
The recent very controversial decisions made by the
CRD show the very need of a more open and democratic process. 

 Thank you for your attention 


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