CBRA AGM 2018 and the new board

The Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, May 16, was called to order by Chair Eric Dahli at 7 pm. 

Following the approval of the minutes from the 2017 AGM, the Chair’s
report of the highlights of the year’s activity was presented.

Lyn Wray presented the Treasurer’s Report and it was also approved by the 68 members in attendance.

Keynote speaker was Ms. Silvia Exposito, the Saanich Planning
Department’s representative leading our community in the renewal of our
outdated Local Area Plan. 

Her presentation was followed by 30 minutes
of questions and comments about the issues facing residents of Cadboro

The nomination and election of the Board of Directors for the 2018/19
term was conducted by Shawn Newby—Chair of the Saanich Community
Association Network. The results of the election are posted along with
the picture of the new board.

Here is a picture of the CBRA Board elected last night at our AGM held at the Cadboro Bay United Church:


to R, back row: Rob des Trois Maisons (Secretary), Dave Lynn, Bill
, Jerry Donaldson, Eric Ochs,  Peter Meekison (Vice-Chair)

to R, front row: Eric Dahli (Chair),  Lyn Wray (Treasurer), Jackie
(Membership), Rick West,  Michael Tripp. (missing: new board member, Maycira

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