CBRA to Saanich: objections to Osprey design still stand

Copy of letter sent to District of Saanich regarding the development application for townhouses at 2590, 2594 & 2598 Penrhyn Street (Osprey)

July 9, 2018

Dear Mayor and Council:

RE Development application for townhouses at 2590, 2594 & 2598 Penrhyn Street (Osprey)

As you may be aware, the Cadboro Bay Residents Association (CBRA) has opposed the current development proposal based on extensive community input. Our concerns regarding scale, design, height and density were highlighted in our letters dated October 14, 2016, June 26, 2017 and again November 2, 2017 to Mayor and Council. While the developer has continued to meet with the CBRA and local residents, no substantive changes have been made to the original proposal.

Recently CBRA representatives and numerous local residents participated in the Saanich sponsored LAP Charrette for Cadboro Bay Village held June 19 & 20. During the walkabout and design charrette there was significant consensus on a vision for the village going forward and strong support for the attractive architectural sketches that emerged for the future of the village area.  In regard to lower Penrhyn street ~  the short block that leads to Gyro park the overwhelming consensus is captured in the attached artist’s rendering which was presented by Saanich’s experts at the end of the charrette.

The drawing shows a leafy pedestrian promenade with low profile, pitched roof housing blending into the character of the street, leading to the park and beach.   On the site of the proposed Osprey development, we see peaked roof 1.5 storey townhouses in lieu of the 3 storey flat roofed, structure in the current application. The park promenade asked for by residents included a turning circle (mid-block ~ just before 2590 Penrhyn street) and a ‘Woonerf’ pedestrian priority raised stone walkway to Gyro Park. This feature would enhance the park experience for families, dog walkers, paddle boarders and kayakers who are heavy users of this park access. It would also improve pedestrian safety significantly.    

We understand that Osprey application is currently ‘on hold’ by the applicant and that there are outstanding geotechnical questions.  It would be most unfortunate if, when it finally comes to Council, it still reflects a structure which is opposed by the community and at odds with the future Local Area Plan. This is an opportunity to go back to the drawing board.

CBRA requests that the applicant be asked to redesign the proposed townhouses along the lines presented in the attached LAP vision for lower Penrhyn Street. We believe that a lower profile, traditional design, could result in a development which the community will celebrate and which would positively kick-start Cadboro Bay’s future Local Area Plan. We would also ask that as part of the development approval, Saanich request completion of the streetscape, sidewalks and ‘Woonerf’ as a contribution by the developer to our community amenities.  

Yours truly,

Eric Dahli, Chair

Cadboro Bay Residents Association

Cc: District of Saanich,

Paul Thorkelsson, Chief Administration Officer

Sharon Hvozdanski, Director Planning

Chuck Bell, Planner,   ~ Silvia Exposito, Cadboro Bay LAP Planner

Harley Machielse, Director Engineering

Troy Mckay, Manager Transportation and Development

Suzanne Samborski, Director Parks and Recreation

Beaucore Holdings Ltd ~ attention:  Mark Johnston & Associates

1815 Belmont Ave., Victoria BC V8R 3Z3

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