Re: 3757 and 3777 Waring Place

Subject:It is no wonder neighbours and the neighbourhood are opposed to this application

RE: 3757 Waring Place and comments regarding 3777 Waring Place

With these four major variances, it is no wonder neighbours and the neighbourhood are against the application for 3757 Waring Place.

For the record, we are opposed to this flagrant attempted abuse of the zoning regulations.

Our question to the Board of Variance members is what is the point of having zoning regulations if the Board of Variance would even give any positive consideration to the extreme variances as are being asked for here? The Local Government Act allows the Saanich Board of Variance to only authorize “minor variances”.

It is also very troubling that the Saanich Board of Variance does not see fit to send this “Notice of Application” to more than just the immediate bordering neighbours. We did not receive the notice from Saanich regarding this application and neither did we receive the “Notice of Application to the Board of Variance” of the new house on the beach bordering on the Mystic Vale creek (3777 Waring Place) that used approx. 90 very large highly carcinogenic creosote** foundation posts, and who received numerous and very questionable relaxations from the Board of Variance. This home owner now tortures the entire neighbourhood with their extreme light pollution by leaving their numerous high wattage exterior lights on all night 365 nights of the year. We do not border these properties but we are close to them and we are definitely negatively impacted by them.

I had phoned the Saanich Environmental Services Department during the time the creosote posts were being hammered into the ground at 3777Waring Place as every time the heavy hammer came down, liquid creosote was being squirted out on the ground. The lady I spoke with at the Saanich Environmental Services Department said she was not aware that creosote posts were being used and said she would check into the matter. I did not hear back from her. So the question is, why did the Saanich Environmental Services Department allow a known proven carcinogenic material to be used as a foundation base for 3777 Waring Place when the property is in a flood plain area and is adjacent to an active creek and the ocean? There is no doubt that this proven carcinogenic material will be leaching into the creek and ocean for decades to come.

Since the Local Government Act allows the Saanich Board of Variance to only authorize “minor variances", we are opposed to all four of the proposed relaxations.


Curby and Bernadette Klaibert

[address supplied]


** Creosote was banned after study on cancer risk. The European Commission has banned the sale of creosote-treated wood after it was found that there could be a cancer risk. … Mar 13, 2003

** The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has determined that coal tar is carcinogenic to humans and that creosote is probably carcinogenic to humans. EPA has also determined that coal tar creosote is a probable human carcinogen.

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