Saanich outlines changes to Cadboro Bay/Uplands junction

From Ashley (Lexi) Ramsay, of the Transportation and Development Services Division, Engineering Department of District of Saanich: 

Re: Cadboro Bay – Hibbens Close to Killarney Road Pedestrian Improvements

Start Date: Early 2019
End Date: Early 2019 

Project Description: This project will provide interim pedestrian improvements along Cadboro Bay Road between Hibbens Close and Killarney Road until the other more permanent improvements planned in the 5-10 year time frame as outlined in the Active Transportation Plan can be implemented.  Working within the constraints of a limited budget available for this work and taking into consideration feedback we have received to date, we have come up with a design of temporary pedestrian facilities on the east side Cadboro Bay Road from Hibbens Close to Killarney Road as well as installation of a permanent signed and marked crosswalk at Vista Bay Road.

The location of the crosswalk was chosen to allow for the required sight lines to protect pedestrians. Due to the complexity of the intersection at Beach Drive, Hibbens Close and Cadboro Bay Road, this is the safest location without costly intersection improvements.

The proposed walkway is on the roadway because even with boulevard clearing, in some locations, the grades to access the driveways would be unmanageable, extremely steep and costly if we were to provide a sidewalk behind the curb. This is also a temporary facility that can be implemented in the 3-4month period with the current budget we have available, versus a more expensive and involved design which would take years.

Project Notification Letters to the residents fronting this project and the Residents Association will be sent out in January of next year.

Please take a look at the Cadboro Bay Concept Drawing  [PDF – 2 MB]

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