Support the Regional Foodland Access Program Foodlands Trust

The Capital Region Food & Agriculture Initiatives Roundtable (CRFAIR) writes: 

Thanks to community support, on April 10th the CRD Board passed motions to move forward the Regional Foodland Access Program Foodlands Trust. CRD staff is currently canvassing all municipalities to:

  1. assess whether there is a desire to have the CRD operate a foodlands trust in partnership with a non-profit organization, and;
  2. whether any municipal lands could be made available for inclusion in a trust.

Each municipality has been requested to provide an indication of support to the Planning and Protective Services Committee by May 31st, 2019.

It’s time to talk to your municipal councillors and tell them why you support a food and farmland trust!

How you can show support:

  1. Write a letter and send your letter by email or snail mail to your local councillors.
    Need a sample letter? Click here to download!
    Not sure who your councillors are? See our info sheet here!
  2. Attend your next council meeting and consider speaking in support of the trust
    Not sure when your local council meets? See the list here!
  3. Sign our online petition here so we can quantify community support



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