Camp Phoenix for ages 8–12, August 26–30, in Sooke

From Rhett Mutschke,  Head Administrator for Camp Phoenix:


My name is Rhett Mutschke this years Head Administrator for Camp Phoenix, and I’m emailing you on behalf of the British Columbia Youth Parliament, to hopefully get in contact and spread the word about our project.

Our organization, BCYP, is a youth run non-profit charity organization, dedicated to serving the youth of BC through various initiatives and projects, our largest being our annual summer camp.Camp Phoenix aims to help children who normally would not be able to attend summer camps for social or financial reasons, have the same opportunities for a fun and rewarding summer camp experience, a place for kids to be kids.

Our camp is for ages 8-12 inclusive, and takes place in Sooke August 26-30th, the camp is completely free for those who apply for our full bursary (which we encourage, we prepare to run our camps with zero registration fees, relying on our own fundraising, grants and volunteers) and meet the aforementioned needs! All kids deserve a chance to enjoy themselves in a summer camp setting, and so do parents and guardians deserve to help provide these experiences without the same stress, worry or financial concerns associated with traditional summer camps.

It would be incredibly helpful and appreciated if you would be willing/able to pass on my email to the community associations within Saanich. From there I’d encourage them to get in contact with me so I can pass more information to families directly, answer questions or anything else at all. Our camper applications are now open, and it would be great to have some of those attending our camp come from Saanich; I have attached this years camper application, and link to our website with more info at the bottom!

I’ve been a part of Camp Phoenix for several years now, and I can not speak more highly of the project, its an unreal experience for campers and staff alike, and I hope to hear back from your organization and be able to share any more info or answer any questions. If anything I’d simply ask for the word to be spread about Camp Phoenix to anyone and everyone who may be interested and in need.

My cell number and personal email are attached below in my email signature, please do not hesitate to pass it on, along with the contents of this email, and to reach out to me!

Thank you for your time,

– Rhett Mutschke Minister of Camp Phoenix | 90th British Columbia Youth Parliament C: (250-641-4419) E: <>

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