Owner of sunken boat sought

The CBRA has written to a number of officials and societies—including the Oak Bay Yacht Club, and MLA Andrew Weaver—for help with removing a boat sank approximately four days ago. 

The boat is approximately 25′ long, and the make is unknown. 

Above are “Before” and “After” pictures of this boat, located on the Oak Bay “side” of Cadboro Bay. 

The number on the buoy ( 778-433-8638) is not in service.  There is some unconfirmed information that the owner of this boat  is a person named Tom. 

The Oak Bay Police Department has been notified.

Mr. Jerry Donaldson  (tel. 250-812-2915) is representing  the Cadboro Bay Residents Association and the Dead Boats Society in this matter.

Your co-operation in assisting in the removal of this boat is appreciated.

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