Dead (and dying) boats: update

Jerry Donaldson, of the CBRA board and Dead Boats Society, reports: 

Hello All,

It’s Tuesday, February 4, 2020, 5:00 pm.  Here are today’s observations:

  • Boat 1:18 foot power boat Ms L.  The bottom is now badly split so this boat is done-for. The boat is squarely on the Saanich side of the bay.  I spoke to the owner a few days ago.  He was attempting to repair the hulldamage, but I don’t think he’ll succeed. There is still 100 metres of yellow nylon rope connecting the boat to a mooring off-shore.  This line is floating and is IMHO a navigation hazard.

  • Boat 2: Spellbound, still on the beach, Oak Bay side, no change.  The drop boards have been out for a week or more.  The roller reefing has been detached at the bottom and I speculate someone is trying to remove it.
  •  Boat 3: Free Spirit”.  It’s been moved down the beach but is now sunk, on the Oak Bay side  It is exposed at high tide.
  • Boat 4: “Sea Lion”,  27 foot or so, sloop,  registration number 13K77934.   On the Oak Bay side.  No change.  
  • Boat 5: A sunken sailboat on the Saanich side 150 feet off-shore, on the Saanich side.   The last time I spoke to the owner Mandy she is still planning to try a salvage.   Mandy now lives on Penrhyn.
  • Boat 6: A sunken sailboat, it’s a few hundred yards off-shore and all I see is the mast, Saanich side I think.   It’s probably “Von Bouyage”.  No change
  • Boat 7: Ryan’s Haida.  He has successfully re-floated it.  I think it’s on the Saanich side. There is above the beach and on someone’s private property beach a pile of stuff including a very large armchair that Ryan took off the Haida.   We can speak to Oak Bay about resuming clean-up clean-  up.  There is still trash all over both the Saanich and Oak Bay sides.
  • Boat 8: A beached boat on the north side of the Bay.  Ian Hinkle is going to visit the wreck and get some information for me.


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