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Village shops: Social distancing, please, or order for delivery

The shops at Cadboro Bay Village are asking customers to practise social distancing, and to make use of their order delivery options. 

Pepper’s Foods asks: 

Please try to practise social distancing while in line and inside the store, by staying at least two-arms length away from other people. 

If you have been travelling, please visit for our home delivery options, and avoid entering the store. 

Thank you for your patience.


For Good Measure have closed their shop interior to the general public until further notice, but are processing orders for pickup and delivery, by one of four options: 

  • Fill out order form, knock on door and slide order through mailslot (down to the left)
  • Phone in your order at 250-477.6811
  • Email your order at
  • Text your order to 250-889.6945

Orders will be ready 4 hours after placement (less for 5 items or less). 

  • Pickup charge: $3.00 (waived for orders of 5 items or less)
  • Delivery charge: $5.00 within 5km, $10 5–15km, Min. order $25

All pickup/delivery fees go directly to the shop staff. 


CaddyBay Liquor Store asks: 

Plese consider pick-up or delivery: call 250 384.2688, or visit:

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