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Letter: Cadboro Bay Beach, open to the public

To the Cadboro Bay News Bulletin

I wish to comment on a recent letter to the Cadboro Bay News Bulletin, in which the author complained strenuously about the activity of dogs at the “east end” of Cadboro Beach. The letter has disappeared from the newsletter, so I cannot reference the writer.

I can say that we, as Cadboro Bay residents, are privileged to have Cadboro Beach as a public beach. Rules should be followed.

I use it about three times a week with my dogs. My dogs do not fight, or bark or chase birds. Of course I pick up after their leavings.
The birds I tend to see are seagulls, ducks, pigeons and crows.
We are self isolating and it is one of the few places open to us where the few people we see, are good at keeping their distance.

I would like to reiterate, it is a public beach, that means the public have the right to enjoy it as well as those who are fortunate enough to actually live adjacent to the beach.

Staying safe,

Jan Cook
Tudor Ave.
Victoria, BC.

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