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April CBRA Board meeting minutes approved

Board Videoconference, April 22, 2020 Minutes 

Present: Barry Andruschak, Hansdeep Bawa, Robert des Trois Maisons, Jerry Donaldson, Eric Dahli, Dave Lynn, Liz Miller, Eric Ochs, Kevin Telmer, Lyn Wray. A quorum being present, Eric Dahli, as Chair, called the meeting to order at 7pm. Robert acted as Secretary. 

  • The Agenda was approved. 
  • The Minutes were approved. 
  • Eric Dahli, as President, reported meeting cancellations for UVic committees, the Board of Variance, and Council, and closures of Goward House, churches, and some stores and other establishments. Eric said the AGM would have to be postponed, and asked directors weighing not standing for reelection to consider resigning early to enable replacements to be appointed. Eric undertook to review individually with each director which projects can continue. Kevin, as Vice President, said that CBRA, as a not-for-profit society, was eligible to make free use of G Suite, with advantages in document sharing, videoconferencing, and other features. Kevin undertook to pursue the matter with Eric Dahli and Jonathan Stoppi. 
  • Hansdeep, as Treasurer, reported that membership dues and donations for the past 12 months were significantly less than for the previous 12 months, that $745 had been paid to Megson Fitzpatrick to renew CBRA’s D&O and E&O insurance, and that CBRA had a bank balance of $16,494.26, an increase of $3,373.10 from April 2019. The Board discussed the extent to which CBRA, as a not-for-profit society, could maintain surpluses and desired further discussion of the use to which the surplus could be put. Robert undertook to add this to future agendas. The Board approved the customary payment of $200 to Goward House. 
  • Robert, as Secretary, undertook to address the issue of missing minutes. 
  • Robert reported on the activities of the Beach Committee. Jerry recommended immediate notice to Saanich that a July recommendation would not be forthcoming, Kevin recommended use of the Chatham House Rule in the Committee’s engagement with the community, and Lyn recommended clarification of the Committee’s request for community input. Robert undertook to discuss these recommendations with the Committee. 
  • Liz reported on behalf of Bill Dancer that cement had been poured for the Haro Woods Attenuation Tank, part of Core Area Wastewater treatment, and that the installation of the Tank will soon start. 
  • Jackie Horton being absent, no report was made on Covid-19 Community Support. Eric Dahli reported that Barry Ming, on behalf of Goward House, had called all its 400 members and found their needs to be adequately cared for. 
  • Jerry reported that John Roe had obtained and would soon post seizure notices for the eight Dead Boats in Cadboro Bay. Eric Dahli and Jerry undertook to meet to advance matters. Jerry undertook to post his report to the CBRA website. 
  • Liz reported on behalf of Bill Dancer that there had been no developments on Emergency Preparedness. 
  • Eric Dahli reported that Saanich had deferred any decision on Food Trucks until 2021. Robert reported that there had been no developments on the Local Area Plan. 
  • Eric Dahli reported that there had been rumors of a sale of the Osprey development on Lower Penrhyn. Jerry undertook to discover, by title search, whether and to whom the property had been sold. 
  • Liz reported on behalf of Bill Dancer that there had been no developments on Saanich Parks. 
  • Eric Dahli reported that SCAN had been inactive due to Covid-19. 
  • Eric Dahli reported that there had been no developments on Upper Sinclair. 
  • Barry reported that there had been no developments on UVic. 
  • Eric Dahli reported that the earliest a postponed AGM could be held was September. Eric said he still hoped to persuade the Mayor to be keynote speaker. The Board deferred a decision on a topic to be discussed at the AGM. 
  • The Board scheduled its next videoconference for May 27. 
  • There being no further business, the Chair adjourned the meeting. 
  • Robert des Trois Maisons. 
  • Secretary. P

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