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Federal Survey on Dogs in Victoria-area Migratory Bird Sanctuaries

The  Canadian Wildlife Service, with LGL Limited (a local environmental  consulting company), is conducting a data and evidence collection  project investigating impacts from at-large dogs on birds in the  migratory bird sanctuaries in the Greater Victoria area. There are three  Migratory Bird Sanctuaries (MBSs) in the Greater Victoria area:  Victoria Harbour, Shoal Harbour, and Esquimalt Lagoon. The purpose of  this project is to collect further information on the biological risks  associated with at large dogs on migratory birds within these migratory  bird sanctuaries. The results of this project are expected to help raise  knowledge and awareness of the issue, enable prioritization of  compliance promotion activities in the MBSs that are part of the study  and improve outcomes for migratory birds and species at riskAs  part of this data and evidence collection aspects of this study, a  survey has been created to assist in compiling observations from active  users of these MBSs. It would be greatly appreciated if you would  complete the survey. We request that one survey be completed per study  area that you are familiar with (there are multiple study areas per MBS,  defined in the survey). Each survey takes only a couple minutes to  complete. Please complete the survey(s) by November 10, 2020.

The full survey link is:

Thank  you very much for your time and assistance with this project. If you  have any questions or comments, or wish to discuss this project further,  please feel free to contact me. Kind regards,

Nathan Hentze, M.Sc. Wildlife Biologist

LGL  Limited environmental research associates (under contract to Canadian Wildlife Service/Environment and Climate Change Canada)

9768 Second Street, Sidney, BC Canada V8L 3Y8

Cell: 250-882-4581 – Fax: 250.655.4761

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  1. Just saw this on November 14th and I would have liked to do the survey. Pretty quick to post and end a survey during the COVID times considering people’s routines and information sources have changed. Recommend the survey be reopened and advertised to get meaningful information. Thanks.

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