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Hello Cadboro Bay,

My name is Corrie and I volunteer at the Victoria Literacy Connection. For our fundraiser this year, we are hosting a fun read-a-thon for all ages: The Book Bash!

The Book Bash will challenge readers of all ages in Greater Victoria to obtain donation pledges from friends and family for every 100 pages they read in the month of August, 2021. The Book Bash already has the support of the Greater Victoria Public Library, Munro’s, Russell and Bolen Books. Many other groups and media will be engaged in promoting the event and a series of fun challenges. The event will also feature a prize-giving event early in October, if permitted.

You can visit  for more details and to get started.


Marathon, swimathon, bikeathon … how about a readathon? The VLC Book Bash challenges readers of all ages to obtain pledges from friends and family for every 100 pages they read this August.  From the 6 year old to delights their grandparents by reading 100 pages, to the keen reader who decides this is the summer to re-read all the Canada Reads winners, participants are invited to set a reading target, pick a theme (or not), and take part in the challenges and event buzz on social media.

Please take a moment to register so we can share updates, let you know about fun challenges and a prize-giving closing event.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

  1. Click on the Register Button and take 1 minute to register. You will be asked to enter a reading goal (expressed in multiples of 100 pages). 
  2. Download and print the Pledge Form and Reading Log. Enter your name and reading target.
  3. Ask friends and family to support your reading with a pledge for each 100 pages you read. For example a pledge of $2/100 pages would translate to a donation of $20 if you read 1,000 pages during the Reading Challenge. Record all pledges on the Pledge Form. 
  4. Record what your read between August 1 and August 31 on your  Reading Log.
  5. On September 1 add up all the pages you read to find your grand total. Way to go!
  6. Collect pledges and donate the funds on the Donation Page by September 30. Thank you!
  7. Join our prize-giving closing event, if permitted. Details to be announced. 
  8. Feel fantastic about helping others improve their reading skills.


  • Join some of the challenges below
  • Follow us on Facebook  & Instagram
  • Post on your social media


  • Tell your friends and family
  • Print a poster and put it up in a public place


Starting July 1:

Create your reading theme or target for your Book Bash reading in August. The first five books of the Inspector Ganache series, Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy, four books about the immigrant experience, all Alice Munro you have not read yet, a challenging book you have always wanted to read. You get the picture.

Starting July 15:

Take a photo of yourself with your August Book Bash reading stack. Post the photo on your Facebook page or your Instagram to challenge others.

Starting August 1:  

Post a video of yourself reading the first few lines of a book, any book, and challenge others to identify the book.  

Starting August 10:

Post a photo of yourself reading in a public location: Esquimalt Lagoon, in Bastion Square, on a restaurant patio… Pose the photo to provide just enough clues for others to identify the location.

Starting August 20:

Post a photo of yourself reading in a summery setting not usually associated with reading: in an inner tube on the water, on a paddle board, in the crook of a low tree, two readers in a hammock … just stay safe while posing your picture!

Question: What will my donation be used for? Answer: Your donation will help support free literacy programs for children, youth and adults in Greater Victoria who want to improve their reading skills. We work with adults on their self-defined reading goals – getting a driver’s license, qualifying for skills training, reading a book, rebuilding reading skills after suffering a stroke, and with children to help them keep up in school.  
Question: When does the Book Bash run and how would I prepare?QAnswer: The actual Book Bash will run for the month of August.  Before that do 3 things:
1 – Register (button above) so we can stay in touch
2 – Print out the Pledge Sheet / Reading Log and get some pledges from family and friends
3 – Plan your reading for August 
Question: I have a fantastic idea for a reading challenge to issue mid-way through. Who should I contact? Answer: This and any other inquiries or ideas can be sent to and they will be passed to the Book Bash team. 
Question: What are the prizes? Answer: Prize baskets of items and gift certificates from local merchants will be awarded early in October once all the tallies and the donations are in.  There will be prizes for age groups, and prizes awarded to participants drawn at random. Prizes will be announced and awarded at a prize-giving event early in October, if permitted. 
Question: Do audio books count? Answer: Yes, all reading counts 
Question: Do picture books count?  Answer: If that is the participant’s usual reading, picture books count.  
Question: What if I want to participate, but do not want to ask others to provide donations? Answer: Then sponsor yourself and give your own donation to the VLC in September. 
Question:  What if I get pledges, but then cannot collect in September? Answer: Collect what you can. It will all help VLC provide free programs. 

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