Haro Woods / Attenuation Plant Update

Many Cadboro Bayites are interested in developments in Haro Woods, where the Arbutus Attenuation Plant has been under construction since June 2019.

CBRA sends a sincere thank you to one of our engaged community members who recognized broader interest and shared the fulsome response received from the Captial Regional District (CRD), following an inquiry to Mayor Haynes and Councillor Plant.

The CRD’s update is below:


Dear [Community Member]

Chair Plant has asked me to respond to your email submission below regarding the Haro Woods/Arbutus Attenuation Tank site:

Migratory Birds: During the planning and initial stages of this project the potential impact on migratory birds was assessed in advance of the selective tree clearing that was required for the construction of this Facility. Prior to tree and vegetation clearing operations, McElhanney Ltd. was hired to complete bird nest surveys. These surveys were originally conducted in April 2019, prior to primary clearing operations, and again in June 2019 prior to the remainder of clearing operations. During this time, minimal bird breeding activity was noted by the environmental scientists and tree removal was able to commence. Since the initial tree removals, construction has been focused within the previously cleared area. As part of the Environmental Protection Plan developed for the site, crews are oriented and aware of work activity restrictions associated with sensitive habits or known wildlife features. The general contractor has a protocol to advise the project Environmental Monitor (McElhanney Ltd.) of any wildlife or wildlife features encountered at the site. The Environmental Monitor also conducts biweekly environmental monitoring services for construction activities associated with the Arbutus Attenuation Tank project.

Finnerty Creek and Finnerty Cove: The protection of Finnerty Creek and the coastal environment has been an environmental focus since the outset of this project. An Erosion and Sediment Control Plan was established for the project which outlined best practices and site specific environmental control measures. The site environmental monitor conducts biweekly monitoring of construction activities, including the status of Finnerty Creek and associated drainage ditches. Your email inquiry is referring to concerns about cement debris entering Finnerty Cove but we will need further information as to where this claim is originating from. As noted, the site is monitored and measures are in place to contain this type of debris on site and we do not believe Finnerty Cove has been impacted by these construction activities. Any instances of concern flagged on site are promptly reviewed by the Environmental Monitor and any mitigation measures recommended are implemented. An example of this procedure working well would be an instance of newly disturbed soil that was noted by field engineers in February of this year. The concern was raised that this could become a potential source of sediment laden water that could enter a roadside ditch leading to Finnerty Creek. The Environmental Monitor reviewed this instance and while the creek was dry during this instance, additional sediment and erosion control measures were implemented. 

Progress and Completion: Construction of the tank structure is complete and the facility is undergoing testing and commissioning now. Backfilling on top of the tank and follow on landscaping and restoration will continue over the coming months and while the amount of activity will gradually decrease, anticipate that some of these restoration activities will continue into Q4 of 2021.

Restoration Plans: The tank is being backfilled and primarily covered with shrubs and plantings. An access road and parking area will be left on top of the Facility for future operation and maintenance and some access hatches and air intakes will be protrude above the surface, as is necessary for the function of this tank. The area between the tank and the road will be re-established with trees and mulch. The access road was designed to meander to protect views from Arbutus Road into this wooded area.

Plywood: Thank you for noting this. We have passed this concern along to the general contractor who advises this will be removed within a week.

Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

Regards, Ted

Ted Robbins | General Manager

Integrated Water Services, Capital Regional District

479 Island Highway, Victoria, BC  V9B 1H7

T:250.360.3061 | C :250.217.9084 |

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