Leashes Approved for Cadboro-Gyro Park/Beach

Update November 1, 2021: Third and final reading of the new bylaw has passed.

Oct 18, 2021 – Without enthusiasm, and after much deliberation, Saanich Mayor and Council approved bylaws that simplify Cadboro-Gyro Park/Beach to a single set of rules: Leashed dogs permitted, year-round.

Councillor Harper said she was informed by the Canadian Wildlife Service that the Federal study of dogs in Victoria-area Migratory Bird Sanctuaries will be released to the public in the near future. By banning off-leash dogs, the new bylaws align to the Federal regulations.

The District-wide People, Parks and Pets study is planned to begin in 2022, and this will include a comprehensive public consultation that could result in further changes to the bylaws.

Please visit the Saanich website to access the official Oct. 18, 2021 agenda, reports and video recording (video posted once available):

1 thought on “Leashes Approved for Cadboro-Gyro Park/Beach”

  1. This is just beyond ridiculous! Please people step up and advocate for our dogs. Lets get some support from the dog community. We have thousands of people with dogs and we must make our voices heard. I am in the dog industry and I am calling on all involved with dogs to stand up and get our clients involved. We NEED more not less. I was involved with a group in Vancouver years ago and it took so much of my time that I am not willing to be the top advocate but will certainly give input or advise on how to work the bureaucratic bs. We need to gather support now. It may seem too late but with some huge push back we may be able to change this.

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