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Letter: More Housing Options Needed

As a longtime resident for almost a decade in Cadboro Bay I wholeheartedly look forward to further densification in an area that is woefully too low in density and lacks variety of housing options.

It’s time for Caddy Bay to catch up and be current with housing density and variety. Our transit connections are easy for commuters.

I welcome neighbours to stimulate and support our local businesses.

Best regards,

Eric Hansen

3 thoughts on “Letter: More Housing Options Needed”

  1. I am not quite sure why there is a need to densify, we moved here for a reason. Supporting local business is great, but it seems like they are at capacity as it is and we don’t have a sprawling downtown.. adding density doesn’t make new housing any cheaper and expecting builders to build affordable just won’t happen as all building costs and material are high. Should Uplands be densified or 10 mile?
    Should we have neighborhoods with no yards.. not why I moved here.. not interested in being a Vancouver downtown thanks!

  2. Advocating blanket density without being more specific as to what and where is ideology not properly planning. Agree that a 3-4 story village centre that is well designed would be a benefit ie
    but really needs to be well designed with pedestrian plaza, fountains, cafe etc European village centre NOT ugly condos like the ugly new stuff in Cordova Bay Village. Density, however, in Ten Mile Point and Queenswood outside QA , UVic Queenswood campus and Wedgwood would destroy those jewel like neighbourhoods though.

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