Our village is getting a traffic circle

Saanich engineering staff are currently working through the planning process to convert the intersection at Cadboro Bay Rd and Sinclair Rd from an all-way stop to a traffic circle. Traffic circles have higher capacity than all-way stops, yet aren’t as disruptive to the village feel as a traffic light.

Detailed design work is planned to be complete by October; start of construction is expected early 2023.

Up-to-date details are now available on the Saanich website under ‘Sinclair Road Upgrades’, including a conceptual drawing of the whole Sinclair Road project.

2 thoughts on “Our village is getting a traffic circle”

  1. “Traffic circles have higher capacity than all-way stops”

    Doublespeak alert. Saanich keeps telling us we need less traffic. Now here they are anticipating more traffic under their direction.

  2. And since when are traffic circles less conductive to a village feel? You’d expect them at the edge of a highway, or an airport, not on the edge of village.

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