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Saanich Strategic OCP Update – Public Survey & Next Steps

Saanich has provided the following information to the CBRA to promote a recently launched public survey and provide some information on project next steps:

Public Survey

Saanich are now looking for public input on preliminary ideas around changes to District land use policies to address emerging priorities. 

A Media Release can be read here.

A short survey can be taken at 
This will be open until September 25.

Saanich encourages people to sign-up for project updates

A Project Q&A document is now available. Please reach out if you have suggestions on additional topics to add.

A summary of the initial input collected at the June workshops/Advisory Committee meetings and the public survey will be released in the fall.

Staff will work with this early input and provide draft policies for extensive public review and feedback in early 2023.

1 thought on “Saanich Strategic OCP Update – Public Survey & Next Steps”

  1. Another expensive phony online survey to push a development agenda. Better to take the only survey that is secure and actually counts and head to the polls on October 15th.

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