Reminder: 2023 CBRA Projects Survey

If you have not yet completed our survey, there’s still time and we’d still like to hear from you. Many of our neighbors have provided input already; now it’s your turn. How can CBRA offer value to our community next year? Please tell us what you think and add your own ideas by completing this survey. It only takes a few minutes.

The survey will remain open until Dec 12th.

Here’s the first question to get you started…

How can CBRA help improve our Cadboro Bay community?

  • Host community events
  • Keep us informed about Saanich news that affects the Cadboro Bay neighbourhoods
  • Help communicate the ‘voice of Cadboro Bay’ to Saanich council
  • Facilitate more communications with the community about development in Cadboro Bay
  • Neighbourhood emergency preparedness
  • Other _________________________

Thank you for your input!

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