Application for Subdivision: 3959 Burchett Place

Saanich has sent the following to the CBRA to be shared with the Community:

“An application for subdivision has been received for a site within your Community Association area. The project is currently being referred to internal departments and external agencies for comment.

All details can be found here, including documents: 3959 Burchett Place – Subdivision Application

We would appreciate receiving your comments in writing or by email to within 30 days, in order for us to consider them as we draft our staff report. If you cannot meet this time frame, please email or call our office to indicate if and when you might be able to respond to the referral.”

Note from CBRA:

It is suggested that you periodically check Saanich’s website, Permit and Development Tracker as any revised site plans for this application will be posted there.

Please direct your comments or concerns directly to Saanich before April 7, 2023 or contact the Chair of CBRA, if you are unable to reach Saanich and require any support, at

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