Upcoming tree removal in village

Saanich would like to inform the public that a tree located on the North corner of Sinclair Rd and Cadboro Bay Rd requires removal. The tree is causing significant damage to existing infrastructure both underground and on the surface and will continue to do so until removed.  The tree species has been identified by Saanich Parks Department as ‘Tree of Heaven’, which is on the Provincial Priority Invasive Species list.  

Saanich plans to replace this tree within the Cadboro Bay area as per Saanich’s Tree Protection bylaw. Further questions may be directed to Saanich Engineering and/or Saanich Parks.

6 thoughts on “Upcoming tree removal in village”

  1. Removing this tree looks totally unnecessary to me. If anything I find its removal looks like it may be more about facilitating a new roundabout that I also think is a totally unnecessary municipal make-works project.

    It seems the last thing Saanich will do, will be to actually repave Sinclair Hill, which to me seems like the one thing that is getting pretty necessary.

  2. Leave the tree alone. It provides shade and character to the village.
    Let’s lean in and get Saanich to fix Sinclair Hill, put in decent sidewalks alongside and never mind the tree.
    Has anyone seen seniors, students, bikers and children trying to maneuver the hill?
    Come on!

  3. It needs to go. Via Wiki;

    “The tree grows rapidly, and is capable of reaching heights of 15 metres (50 ft) in 25 years. While the species rarely lives more than 50 years, some specimens exceed 100 years of age.[5] Its suckering ability allows this tree to clone itself indefinitely.[6] It is considered a noxious weed and vigorous invasive species,[1] and one of the worst invasive plant species in Europe and North America.[7] In 21st-century North America, the invasiveness of the species has been compounded by its role in the life cycle of the also destructive and invasive spotted lanternfly.[8]”

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