Haro Woods Committee Report

The following report has been received from Deborah Dickson,  Chair CBRA Haro Woods Committee aka Friends of Haro Woods:

I contacted Jack Hull regarding the questions outlined in our presentations to Saanich and the CRD last year. Jack’s responses are included below for your review.

The committee is following up on letters sent to Council and staff regarding the bike jumps. The CRD and Saanich staff are both aware of the situation. The CRD is monitoring the activity.

A meeting is scheduled with Tim Woods to enquire about who will be involved in working with the committee and community on the restoration and stewardship plans. Will there be a liaison person appointed to report to all the various departments and advisory committees? At what point do we open discussions with Uvic after Neal’s announcement that they are willing to assist in the restoration plans.

The committee will be meeting next week. Day and time TBD.


Deborah M. Dickson

Chair, CBRA Haro Woods Committee


For your review and consideration:

On 06/02/2012 11:01 AM, Jack Hull wrote:

… I’ve provided answers to the questions posed recognizing that no detailed engineering design has been undertaken.

Q1. The is no question as to the necessity of the attenuation tank at Haro Woods. The buffer zones around the tank will be left in its natural state as will the area for the future expansion of the tank. If and how the land reserved for a future tank will be incorporated as public parkland is a matter for the CRD Board to decide.

Q2. The buffer zone around the tank is:

– Arbutus Road (East) – 25m

– South side – 39m

– West side – 60m for phase 1 tank, 14m when phase 2 tank is completed

– North side – 35m

The buffer zones will be preserved in their natural state.

Q3. The area to be cleared will be sufficient to allow construction of the tank, parking area and access road. Trees adjacent to the work area that could potentially fall into the work area and pose a risk to construction workers will have to be assessed under WorkSafeBC regulations (danger trees) and removed. Tree removal will be kept to a minimum. At this time we do not know how many trees will be removed as no detailed assessments have been undertaken.

Q4. Trees will be planted outside the footprint of the tank.

Q5. For pipeline construction the minimum area required for construction (trench, spoil pile and working area) will be disturbed. The disturbed area along the right of way will be reinstated and grassed on completion.

Q5. We will be following Saanich’s consultation process for rezoning and will have to comply with Saanich’s rezoning requirements. We anticipating public meetings later this year.

If you need more information please call me at either 250 474 9662 or 250 360 3092




Sent: Monday, February 06, 2012 2:00 PM

To: Jack Hull

Thanks Jack for your prompt response to the request.

Do you have an estimate of what the final date of transfer of land will be? I would like to have a date to work towards regarding timelines with Tim Woods and Saanich staff regarding the stewardship and restoration plans.

I will be in touch if there are any additional questions from the committee.




We’re hoping that the transfer can be completed by mid-year, but timing will largely be determined by the requirements of the Saanich rezoning process.


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