Haro Woods Update

The following report has been received from Deborah Dickson,  Chair CBRA Haro Woods Committee aka Friends of Haro Woods:

It has been reported to Saanich staff that new bike jumps have been constructed in the Saanich-owned portion of Haro Woods. These jumps have been constructed since the CRD dismantled the jumps in December.

Deborah Dickson has arranged to meet with Saanich Operations manager on Thursday to guide staff through disturbed areas of new jumps.

Saanich staff is considering posting signs as an interim measure until the area has been rezoned to Park later this year. At that time consultations with interested parties will take place to find a resolution to this ongoing problem.


Deborah M. Dickson

Chair, CBRA Haro Woods Committee aka Friends of Haro Woods

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