SCAN Meeting Report

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Announcement of SCAN AGM: Dec 5th

Call for candidates for 2013 Chair, Vice Chair, and Treasurer

Fred – will run for 1 more year & 1 more year only 

January meeting moved to second week of Jan (as scheduled now falls on Jan. 2nd); all agreed 

Announcement of SCAN Dec Workshops: Pearkes Arena – Draft Agendas

  1. 9:00 am – 12:00pm Traffic Safety – CARS Dave Ferguson

CARS Presentation – 15 minutes

Steve Wallace – 15 – 20 minutes

Saanich Staff – 15 – 20 minutes

Debate – For & against reduced speed limits

  1. Protecting Urban Forests – update from Richard Dominy potential for full day session

Proposed Clay Tennis Courts at Cedar Hill Rec Centre: Discussion 

Opposers & supporters were present. No determinations

Meeting adjourned 21:25

Saanich staff circulated the Draft Strategic Plan & made a brief presentation.

The floor was then open to questions from CAs regarding the plan

Another group of Saanich staff presented 3 questions pertaining to how Saanich deals with public participation. Verbal discussion ensued. Written answers were posted on a board.

1 What are the most important values that the District of Saanich should

   demonstrate/show in public participation activities?

Dave’s Reply:

transparency & a clear and explicit promise to the public on potential outcome of project, getting answers to questions have in process

Mona’s Reply:

The most important value is that the district of Saanich represent the
residents of Saanich in dealing with other agencies such as other
municipalities and especially, the province.

Andrea’s reply:

Financial and environmental sustainability, respect for environment, neighbourhood context

2 What are the major challenges to public participation?

Dave F’s Reply:

Distribution of information. Availability of the public.

Mona’s Reply:

No opportrunity to input in subdivision developments that fall under the
rules of provincial government even though they are built in Saanich.

Andrea’s Reply:

convenience, time, adequate information for informed decision/opinion

3 What would make the District of Saanich better at public participation?

Dave F’s Reply:

Being more receptive to organized stakeholders. Being more willing to respond to community petitions.

Mona Reply: 

Demand that the public have more input in sub-division development.

Andrea Reply:

better on-line information, resources and means to provide input so that people can inform themselves, think about, and provide feedback in their own time frame, rather than trying to do all of this in a single open house session that they may or may not be available to attend.

The consensus amongst CA reps & guests was that Saanich has not done a good job of fielding public participation. 

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