The Municipal Speed Limit Issue & How It Relates To Cadboro Bay


The City of Victoria is in the midst of a speed limit policy initiative that could affect our own municipality and possible the province. Victoria City council is unanimous that a default speed limit of 40 km/h be established and applied where appropriate.

The idea arose from a push for lower speed limits on many streets in Victoria and the realization that signs would have to be posted on all 40 km/h streets because the current, province wide, urban default speed limit is 50 km/h. The cost could be alleviated by establishing a default speed limit of 40 km/h  and eliminating the need for signs. This idea makes sense if you consider the inter-municipal patchwork of speed limits that currently exist. The inconsistency is dysfunctional.

Here’s another aspect: look at Oak Bay, for example. Most of their main streets are posted at less than 50 km/h, yet most of their road surface consists of unposted residential side streets. That makes the speed limit (even on narrow side streets) 50 km/h by default.

How should speed limit policy apply to Cadboro Bay?  Should streets like Lauder, Dawe, Hobbs, Camelot, Sutton, Haro and a multitude of other side streets where children play or walk to school have 50 k limits? Traffic literature clearly shows that the risk of death is very high if someone (or something) is struck at that speed. Some might argue that lowering the speed limit will make no difference. One thing it will do though is increase the liability for any motorist who chooses to ignore it.

– Dave Ferguson

Traffic Director


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