Gyro Park Master Plan – one step closer after Stakeholders Workshop


A significant step was taken on March 16 in the review and refinement of the long-term Gyro Park Master Plan.  Our sincere thanks go to Saanich Parks for hosting a full-day workshop for a focus group, which included stakeholders from the CBRA Board, CBRA Parks Committee, the local Business Improvement Association, Gyro Club of Victoria, Sea Scouts and sailing associations.  

With the help of Saanich staff and representatives from LADR Landscape Architects, the group worked through a park planning process, culminating in a thorough review of the Gyro Park Master Plan developed in March 2011.  Some refinements were proposed, including the retention of the tennis courts and the removal of the large concrete outfall.  Many elements of the current Master Plan were supported, including the creation of a significant wetland area to improve aquatic wildlife habitat and to address hydrology challenges.  Overall, a high priority was given to maximizing natural features of the site, and minimizing hard surfaces.

Gyro Park is recognized as a challenging site to work with, given the low-lying site on top of an unstable bed of peat and fill.  It is hoped that careful planning combined with some creative engineering solutions can improve and enrich the elements we dearly love in this park.

Saanich staff will use the results of the workshop to modify the Master Plan for presentation at a public Open House later this spring.  Please watch for announcements of this opportunity to provide input to the plan before it goes to Saanich Council in the fall.

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