Gyro Park construction is a Fortis gas main installation

In reply to an enquiry by Jerry Donaldson of the CBRA, Harley Machielse, Director of Engineering at the District of Saanich, explains: 

The construction taking place in Gyro Park is a Fortis gas main installation for 2605 Sinclair Rd., the last dwelling on the road before the Park.

The initial alignment was to extend the gas main down Sinclair Rd, however it was clear that a number of trees would have been impacted. The approved alignment has less impact on the surrounding environment and able to provide service to Beachview Pl in the furure. Unfortunately the restoration will need to be delayed until weather permits and the grass can grow.



“Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries 2″ filmed locally, Nov 15–17

From Steve Kinghorn, Location Manager, Martha VM2 Productions (VAN) Inc.

Dear Neighbours of 3905D Cadboro Bay Rd

Martha VM2 Productions (VAN) INC. will be filming scenes for the movie titled Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries 2 on Sunday, November 17th, 2019

We would like to provide the following information regarding our schedule and how it may affect your daily routine while we are filming at 3905D Cadboro Bay Rd.:

  • Friday & Saturday, November 15th, 16
    • 8am–7pm: A small crew will work on site to prepare the locations for filming.
  • Sunday, November 17th
    • 7am: Essential Work Trucks will arrive and park in the paved lot at Cadboro-Gyro Park. 
    • 7–7:30am: Crew will arrive and prepare for filming. 
    • 7:30am–5pm: Filming will take place inside and outside of 3905D Cadboro Bay Road.
    • 5pm: Filming will be completed at this location.  Crew will pack up and trucks and crew and trucks will leave the neighbourhood.
  • Monday, November 18th
    • 8am–7pm: A small crew will work on site to return the location to its original condition.

There are no special effects, gunfire or explosions associated with the filming of these scenes. All filming will take place within the building and outside on their property. The Saanich Parks have given us permission to be inside the park while filming at this location.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at the office or on my cell at 250-508-1707. While we are in the area you may call Shaun Barry my Assistant Location Manager on set at 250-896-1898. Also, the District of Saanich can be reached at Information about filming throughout British Columbia is available through Creative BC at 604.660.2732 or by visiting their website at

Thank you for your continued support of the BC Film Industry on Vancouver Island


Steve Kinghorn

Location Manager



Photo: Cadboro Bay in the early 1950s

CBRA director Jerry Donaldson writes: 

Here’s an old Times Colonist aerial photo Mitch Lindsay dug up of Cadboro Bay in the early 1950s:

Apparently the proposed boundaries of the new Gyro Park back then  included the blue cottage at D-3905 Cadboro Bay Road.  In the end, D-3905 Cadboro Bay Road was not acquired for the new Gyro Park, which may explain why the property was left to this day without road access.

The building on the lower left is the old Tea Caddy tea house.  I believe the house to the right was the Egan residence.


Residents opposed to Cadboro-Gyro Park Pickleball Court

Hello Eric Dahli,

I believe you are currently the President of the Caboro Bay Residents Association. My name is Caroline Lawrence. I live at 2646Killarney Rd. The Notification of the Cadboro-Gyro Park Tennis Court Replacement was dropped in my mailbox the other day,  June 25th 2019. My concern is this is also the announcement of a Pickleball court, in which myself and many neighbors in our area are very much against!

Myself and a number of neighbors have been in touch with Saanich expressing our concern against the pickleball court. Saanich informed us that The Caboro Bay Residents Association in consultation with Saanich Parks gave their approval of the Pickleball court.

My questions to you are:

  1. Why is the  Caboro Bay Residents Association in favor of a Pickleball court ?
  2. Is the Caboro Bay Residents Association aware of the devistating effects of Pickleball to the local residents ? Can I be given the opportunity to educate on all the aspects of Pickleball to the community.
  3. Would the Caboro Bay Residents Association be willing to reevaluate their endorsement of the Pickleball court and hopefully retract their support? It is frustrating to hear your association provided an endorsement when no effort was made to consult with your residence who will be directly affected?

Please see below my email sent to Saanich with support of numorous neighbors. I would love the opportunity to speak with you once you have read though this information.

Many thanks for your time and consideration.

I have  bcc Killarney Rr and Beachview Pl neighbors in this email so as to keep everyone up to date on this issue.



June 26, 2019

RE: Cadboro-Gyro Park Tennis Court Replacement. Notification to Saanich Residents

Cc           Gary Darrah

              Suzanne Samborski

              Eva Riccius

              Andrew Burger

              Cadboro Bay Residents Association

My name is Caroline Lawrence. I live at 2646Killarney Rd. The Notification of the Tennis Court Replacement was dropped in my mailbox yesterday June 25th 2019.My concern is this is also the announcement of a Pickleball court, in which I am very much against.

I have communicated to Sannich – Park Planning, Design and Development the following. I am also distributing this information, locally in efforts to educate my neighbors and community

Pickleball is a very loud, aggravating, tedious, repetitive sound! Much louder and a more striking constant sound than that of a tennis ball.  The back of my property and much the same of many of my neighbors is no more than 10 paces to this court. My concerns of this proposed pickelball court are as follows:

Noise:The noise concern of this is VERY real! Not only would it be horrendous for the neighbors, but having this sound right next to the water would make it carry across the beach and entire bay. All the local residents and community users trying to enjoy a quite evening at the beach from one side to the other would be inundated with the repetitive smack of the ball. Please view the following link to prove my very real concerns.

Why Are Your Pickleball Courts Receiving Complaints from …

2018-04-25· We recommend that pickleball courts to be located within 500 to 600 feet of residential properties or other noise sensitive areas be reviewed by an acoustical engineer during the site selection phase in order to avoid choosing a site that is expensive to mitigate, results in unexpected limitations on court use, or leads to ongoing disputes with neighbors.

Parking: Opposed to two people, maximum four people per tennis court. A pickle ball court brings up to 12 people. Bringing many more vehicles to an already over crowed Gyro parking lot.

Tennis Players and Pickleball players DO NOT live in harmony:  If pickleball is being played on one court, tennis players WILL NOT play on the other court, due to the noise and the excess of extra bodies around the court. Effectively leaving the other court useless.

Proven Pervious Problems and Concerns: Recently the Pickleball courts at Carnarvon in Oak Bay have had numerous complaints. To the point that one resident was forced to sell his home due to the noise.  Another neighbor is unable to enjoy their outside property and cannot sell their house due to the pickle ball noise for over a year! In efforts of finding an alternative location, the municipality of Oak Bay proposed moving the pickle ball court to the Windsor court. In the last Oak Bay Council meeting just last week, this was rejected due to massive neighborhood pushback in the Windsor area.

Rules and Regulations: What plans does Saanich have to regulate the times of this court usage? Currently Saanich Pickelball signage states 9am-9pm. This would be disastrous!! My son’s bedroom is on the backyard side of the house and his bedtime is 8pm.How would he go to sleep? It’s hot in the summer and he needs a window open!! Oak Bay regulates the times of their pickle ball courts to 9am- 6pmand from 4-6pm a softball usage is required. Would Saanich do this? How would Saanich enforce this?? Would Saanich guarantee to send a parks staff to the court 7 days a week at 9am, 4pm and 6pm?? Please see photos attached.

Need is already meet:  Why does Saanich need another pickle ball court? There are already 15 pickelball courts in suitable areas of Saanich.

The Cadboro Bay – Gyro Beach area is not a suitable demographic area for this sport! I realize that the Pickelball community is big and there is a need for a place for them to play but this has already been met with 15 courts. Tennis is also continuing to grow and I caution the municipality in taking away too many tennis courts.  

I strongly feel Cadboro Bay is not a good fit for a pickleball court. I plan to educate and inform all residents in the local area to send in their concerns with this proposed court and the sound travelling over the water will affect every resident around the bay.

Caroline Lawrence

2646 Killarney Rd



Saanich: tennis courts in Gyro Park to be replaced, July–Sept

Saanich Parks has sent out notices to residents that—

Following several months of closure during the design and development process for reparing the tennis courts in the park, […] iwork to replace the courts will be underway […] in early July 2019, and continue through September. 

The new courts will consist of a single tennis court and a single pickleball court. […]

For the full notice, click here.


Have your say on proposed changes to Gyro tennis courts

From Gary Darrah, Manager of Park Planning, Design and Development at Saanich:

Please see attached plan […] showing one tennis court and one pickle ball court. 

This design does a couple of key things. It satisfies a desire to provide a dedicated court for each sport facility, but dedicated to each to avoid conflicts. 

The other is that it gets the asphalt surface off of a sewer line that runs under the corner of one of the tennis courts.  

Construction is scheduled for Summer 2019, however, there is no fixed date at this time. 

Residents are invited to email their comments to Eric Dahli, Chair of the Cadboro Bay Residents Association.


Gyro Park #10 in world’s most unique playgrounds

From Gary Darrah, Manager, Park Planning, Design & Development at District of Saanich:

A recent online posting rates the playground in Cadboro-Gyro Park as one of eleven unique playgrounds around the world that families may want to experience and travel to enjoy.

Coming in at #10 the article highlights the Octopus and Cadborosaurus climbing structures, as well as the zipline in Cadboro-Gyro Park.

Other parks in the list are in Ireland, Denmark, Japan, Wales, Philippines and the US. We are the only park from Canada. Types of playgrounds vary from play equipment with set themes (one styled to Wizard of Oz another shaped like a birds nest), to unstructured play lots full of boxes, old tires and pallets through to a large climbing structure made up of 96 separate platforms in the shape of a Celtic dragon. Pretty impressive locations on display.

Playgrounds featured represent a mixture of truly unique elements that incorporate both aesthetic looks as well as fun and functional design for children to use.


Homelessness Protest Camp at Gyro Park, Oct 31–Nov 6

From Sergeant Andy Stuart #171, Bike Section | Community Engagement Division, Saanich Police Department
Tel. 250.475.4321 Cell: 250.883.3765 Fax: 250.475.4752:

Since the middle of August an advocacy group been staging a series of rotating camp-ins to draw attention to homelessness.

generally stay in one spot for seven days and then move to another
 For the last two months they have been to Topaz Park, Beacon
Hill Park, Songhees land beside the Ocean Pointe Resort, Gorge Park,
Hampton Park and most recently three parks in Oak Bay.  They have
between 5 – 10 tents and numerous signs outlining the concerns with
governments and public bodies and the lack of response to homelessness.

On Tuesday, October 31 it is anticipated they will moved into Gyro Park.

The group are conducting a peaceful political protest, and the history of past locations does not indicate serious criminal or public safety concerns. The police department will continue to monitor the situation and take action if there is evidence of criminality (violence, drug dealing or property offences) or there is risk to public safety (high risk youth staying there, hypodermic needles left around, human feces). Saanich Bylaw 7753 – 14 a) “No person shall camp overnight in or on any portion of any park or on any beach” would be applicable—however, given the circumstances, will not be enforced during the seven day period. 

purpose of this communication is to ensure the residents of Cadboro Bay
are aware of the anticipated move and the response by the police and
the municipality. The Saanich Police Bike Section will lead the police
response.  They will continue to communicate with the group and monitor
the situation at the camp.  Any criminal behaviour or public safety
issues will be addressed by the police.  

want to ensure we communicate with our residents and the Cadboro Bay
Residents Association as we strive to ensure the community is safe for
everyone. We will continue to work with our partners at Saanich Parks
and the Municipal Hall to achieve this.

Any concerns can be directed to myself at An emergency situation should be dealt with as normal by calling 911 or the non-emergency line at 250-475-4321. 


Derelict boats no more (for now)

On Saturday, October 14th, the last chapter in a two-year  saga came to an end as the final six derelict boats were removed from Cadboro Bay.  

Volunteers from the Veins
of Life Watershed Society
, The Royal Victoria Yacht Club, the Cadboro Bay Residents Association and other Community
Associations from across Saanich and Oak Bay, federal, provincial and
municipal politicians, all pitched in and helped as the tow boats from
 pulled the derelicts off the beach  and excavators loaded the
bins at Gyro Park provided by Ralmax, which then took the derelicts away
for recycling.

In future, the Cadboro Bay Residents Association will partner with all levels of government and
organizations like us that care about our environment, to ensure that
floating derelict boats no longer find a home in Cadboro Bay. 

By involving
all levels of government at every step of the way, we can avoid the
jurisdictional finger-pointing that helped put these and other derelicts
on the beaches of Vancouver island.

– Eric Dahli, Chair, Cadboro Bay Residents Association