Update: Food Trucks in Cadboro-Gyro Park

This note was sent directly to the CBRA to post to our Community as an FYI on the current status of Food Trucks for the Park. As noted below, we anticipate receiving more information in the coming months and will update our Community accordingly.

Note from Saanich:

Temporary Use Permit (TUP) Renewal for 2023 – 2025

The Cadboro Bay Residents’ Association will be receiving a referral from the Saanich Planning Department in the coming months to invite CBRA’s comments / indication of support or opposition to a Temporary Use Permit (TUP) renewal application being made by the Parks Division. The TUP is needed to allow food trucks to legitimately participate at the Cadboro Bay Festival and the Food Trucks in Parks program at Cadboro-Gyro Park in 2023 – 2025.

You may recall the original TUP that was referred to CBRA for this purpose in 2020 – it has expired and must be renewed for an additional 3-year term so that food vendors may continue to attend the events (TUP renewals are being sought for all Saanich-sponsored events like MITP, Family Arts Festival, etc.).

Temporary Use Permits are needed because food trucks are not clearly permitted to conduct business in Saanich. This has prevented vendors from obtaining the required Business Licenses and Saanich Fire Safety Inspections in the past. TUPs are the mechanism used to allow food trucks to operate on a particular property, and they enable vendors to secure the licenses and permits they need. Staff are working to identify an easier, faster and more flexible mechanism to allow food trucks to operate in Saanich in the long term.

Please contact Saanich with any comments or concerns you may have regarding this Temporary Use Permit renewal application at or 250-475-5522.

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