The cell tower controversy: the state of play


We have been getting enquiries from the public regarding the proposed cell tower at the Cadboro Bay United Church. All we, at the CBRA, know at this point is what we were told at our board meeting on June 12, 2013: 

Bill Fosdick [Chair of the Cadboro Bay United Church Council] presented the proposal for the cell phone tower. Church was approached a year ago. The Council took it to the church congregation and a vote approved the proposal by some 80% at the AGM. The [original envisaged] tower was a14.9 metres tall pole anchored by a concrete base which meets all governmental requirements. The church group then reviewed information on the safety of a tower. Had a second vote from congregation to proceed with negotiations. Telus came back with agreement in principle. The Church then asked that the tower be enclosed with a bell tower which will entail a variance [see simulated photo above]. Council has not come before CBRA before because there is no proposal as of yet but the Council did go to Saanich to get some idea as to whether they would approve. Saanich ordered Church to go out to the neighbourhood and ask them what they think. If they get approval, the church will come back to CBRA. Term: 10 years, renewable. A discussion including questions regarding safety followed with Bill citing the American Cancer Association and members of the audience, Sherry Ridout, and Michelle Milne, faulting the study. Several of the CBRA Board Members commented that the board does not feel it can take a position, either for or against a cell phone tower.

In a recent (August 3rd) email by Bill Fosdick, to a local resident, wrote

We have every intention of consulting with the community when we have a concrete proposal.  In the meantime summer vacations beckon many and the process will slow.  I am sure that you will receive and update in September or October when a date can be set.

For further information, please contact the Cadboro Bay United Church.

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