Looking forward to Church’s consultations with public on cell tower


For your information, I am forwarding you a copy of an email I sent to the Cadboro Bay United Church in late July, in opposition to the proposed Cel Tower. 

 I am also including the Campbell River Courier link that I sent at a later date.

Thank you for your interest. All the best.

Janice Ball

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Telus cell Tower

Dear United Church Administration, Bill Fosdick Council Chair,  and Congregation,

As a new resident to Cadboro Bay, I am writing to voice my concern and objection to the proposed Telus cel tower.  

Several weeks ago my husband and myself moved from Vancouver to Cadboro Bay. We moved in part because we wanted to live in a sensitive community  and pro-active ecological environment, a progressive community, which we believe Saanich and Cadboro Bay to be.

We are sorry to hear that Cadboro Bay United Church is seriously open to an agreement with Telus, to build a cell tower on its property. We can only imagine that this is for financial reasons, which we can understand. However we believe that this method of accruing money for a good purpose, stands against moral, ethical and health considerations for the local community, and by association, that of your community congregation.

We assume that the Church and its congregation would not be interested in contributing to an environment of dis-ease be it physical, psychological or spiritual that would accrue in the community, with the building of the Telus Cell Tower. 

We live within 100 meters of the proposed cel Tower cite. While we can understand the desire for increased cell reception, the cost is too great. To date there is not enough information to determine that such a tower does not impose significant health risks. Cell phone radiation at close proximity, I dare say, is not “healing touch”. It is that simple!  

I note that on your website there are several references to information- only sessions to raise the issue of the possibility of a proposed cell tower.  I also notice that there is discussion of the design possibility within a bell tower configuration.

At issue is the expectation of the church council and members that the antenna will be housed inside a bell tower.  We have technical approval from the various governing bodies because the antenna falls within established guidelines and now it comes down to how it might be integrated into the building profile. 

This suggests that the board has already determined that the tower will go ahead assuming the design concerns are resolved.  If so, that would be unethical and poses a moral conflict with the assertion that the entire local community will be involved in discussions regarding the cell tower proposal.   Again according to your website information,

It should also be noted that the community has NOT been left out of the process, there will be a community meeting held to discuss the options and to get feedback from the neighbourhood. As stated before, there is no current agreement between Cadboro Bay United Church and Telus as of yet. 

Reading between the lines here, suggests that such negative assertions are meant to deflect attention away from a process that is well underway.

I am glad that my voice and that of my neighbors will not be left out of the process.  Please let me know when the local community meetings will take place. I look forward to sharing my concerns with you and with the members of your congregation.

I would appreciate it if this letter were made public within your ministry and congregation.


Janice Ball

[email supplied]

Cadboro Bay 

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