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Cadboro Bay is a special place.  It is a place to love and cherish.  

I have lived in Cadboro Bay almost continually since I was nine.  I have been diagnosed with a glioblastoma which is described as an incurable brain tumour.  It is not something I would recommend or wish on anyone.  When it comes to cell towers, we have to consider our health.  It is not whether or not we believe it and want to take a risk on our own, we are making a decision that will be effecting babies, whole families, animals, etc.  We have been told tobacco, alcohol, asbestos, nuclear testing, power lines, tankers, pipelines etc were/are safe yet time shows us differently.  I do not think this is right and wonder why anyone would choose to take responsibility for that decision?  Science and stats can be manipulated.  So, how do we know what is real.  I feel we must rely on logic, common sense and morality.  Having letters pushing cell towers is not fair, especially when there is no long term studies that show they are not going to cause harm.  I personally think my brain cancer was from something else, but after brain surgery, radiation and chemo, I certainly don’t want exposure to things like this too.  Would you?  
I’d also like to point out that there seems to be a movement developing and being supported here against deer.  I have to ask why we feel that wild animals if we decide they are bothering us should be killed.  Are we going to next start shooting crows, robins, chickadees, etc.  Where can the deer go?  Are they allowed to own land? Are we setting a large area like Stanley Park aside for them?  We would be killing them for existing.  So, they trim a bush in a weird shape or eat my tulips, they have babies and live on earth.  Let’s make the world a safer, cleaner and happier place.  Killing/culling deer because we like flowers better is bad logic.  

I would hope that the people influencing our neighbourhood are objective and concerned with the bigger picture.

Thank you for stepping forward to help our neighbourhood, but please consider there are other opinions that differ and should be considered as well.  There is also what legacy we want to leave behind?  How safe a world can we leave? 

Thank you for your hard work.  Please help keep Cadboro Bay the special place it is.


Karen Lightbody

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