Announcing Saanich Resilience Learning Series

This February and March, the Building Resilient Neighbourhoods team is pleased to announce a new Resilience Learning Series and Resilient Streets micro-grants programme for residents of Saanich. This series of three workshops, all occurring in Saanich, will provide an opportunity to learn more about resilience and how it relates to other areas of neighbourhood concern like climate change, social inclusion, emergency preparedness, and meeting basic needs.  It will also give Saanich residents a chance to network and explore possible projects and actions  with each other. We invite and welcome participation by residents, community association leaders, policy makers and community-based organizations in Saanich.  Support for these workshops has been provided by the District of Saanich Sustainability Department.

Workshop 1: Introduction to Resilience  (Saanich only)
Thursday, February 20
Saanich Neighbourhood Place

In this workshop, you’ll learn about the global and local context that are creating the need  greater community resilience, and why building resilience at the neighbourhood level can be so rewarding and effective. You’ll hear inspiring examples of what other communities  are doing to strengthen their capacity to respond and adapt to change, and you will collaborate with fellow Saanich residents to identify the characteristics of your own neighbourhood that are supporting or hindering increased resilience. 

Workshop 2: Introduction to Resilient Streets (Saanich only)
Thursday, March 6th 
Pearkes Community Centre

From book boxes and skill sharing to community gardens and Transition Streets, in this workshop, you’ll  explore ways of adapting local and international examples of resilience-in-action to   start strengthening resilience alongside  neighbours on your street or in your block. You’ll brainstorm, share and give feedback on possible project ideas in groups and learn about how you can get support for projects through our Resilient Streets micro-grants.  

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