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My name is Kirsten Quealey and I am a Mum to three in the local community. As a parent, I try to be as active as possible in my children’s lives; within their school and the community, as I want my kids to feel the sense of community connectedness I grew up knowing. We knew when the block-wide game of Sardines with 30 kids was over when the street lights came on. I was often sent running down the street to borrow an egg from a neighbour. I listen longingly to my parents’ stories of the communities in which they played. Sometimes, I drive the streets of my childhood and wonder where everyone has gone.

I feel, however, that there is hope in creating this connectedness again and I find myself in the very fortunate position of introducing Just Be FriendsTM (JBF) to the Greater Victoria area.

I am reaching out to you to tell you about a new interface that we are launching within the next few day. Remember when we all knew our neighbours, and the community hall was the hub of local activity? What if we could re-awaken and strengthen the power of community by celebrating friendship and use technology to create connections, one neighbourhood at a time?

That’s exactly what Just Be FriendsTM is doing with Just Be Victoria, an exciting new website that helps people get to know their neighbours, their local community and their city! By supporting community connectedness and sustainable neighbourhoods, Just Be Victoria can help boost engagement and membership in groups like yours!

The Just Be Friends technology team has been working tirelessly at getting ready to go live across Canada. By visiting you can enter your e-mail address and be one of the first online when we go live. It won’t be long before the power of technology can be used to strengthen community and create connections. Just Be FriendsTM is to the community what LinkedIn has been to the business world.

I’ve attached some information and frequently asked questions.
I would love to meet with you to show you what the site looks like and how Just Be Victoria would benefit the Cadboro Bay Residents’ Association.
Kind regards to you for a wonderful weekend and for taking the time to peruse this information,

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