A message from the new CBRA Chair

CBRA Chair  Recycles Directors or Musical “Chairs”

After attending two Saanich Council meetings about the Penrhyn Street Development, I felt an urge to get “back in the saddle” and involved in our community’s issues and future. Armed with my paid online membership, my plan was to go to the AGM listen to Vic Derman’s talk on climate change. That was all.

The presentation on climate change was excellent. The meeting then  commenced and, as a former board member, I assumed that the procedure for electing officers would the same, i.e. one position at a time with all members voting. (Note to self: always check the constitution before letting your name stand) 

At the end of the AGM, there was a special meeting of the new board, which included me as one of the nominees.  Under the fine hand of Jonathan, the board proceeded, in accordance with Section II(d) of the Constitution, to nominate and elect all the board positions except the Chair.  There was a sudden feeling of OMG when I heard my name nominated for the position of Chair.  

The other members offered encouragement like, “You have experience” and “You know Robert’s Rules of Order” and “We will help you”.  I was told “things” are fairly quiet and time to get to know the ropes  was assured.  So with some apprehension and my voice cracking, I accepted. Following the meeting, my wife and I left on a short vacation, and lo and behold sewage treatment and all the related issues “hit the fan”, so to speak.

On a positive note, I will be assisted by:

  • Past Chair: Jonathan Stoppi
  • Vice Chair: Michael Tripp
  • Secretary: Barbara Raponi
  • Treasurer: Lyn Wray
  • Directors Dave Lynn, Eric Ochs, Dave Godfrey, Arne Peltz

All of the Board Members are experienced.  Michael Tripp was a Board Member many years ago when sewer lines were put in on Ten Mile Point.  His assistance encouraged me to get involved the first time on the CBRA Board and give back to the Community.  Arne Peltz brings arbitration and mediation expertise to the table.  The new website is amazing as is the revised constitution.  These positive changes have given your executive members the tools to do the job you have elected us to do. Your pledge of support, understanding and patience are appreciated.

Eric Dahli


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