2580/2580 Penrhyn

Dear Sirs:

I am a long-time Cadboro Bay resident and home owner. I live two blocks from the site of the new condo development being constructed by Abstract Developments at 2580/2588 Penrhyn.

Why was Abstract Developments allowed to cut down three mature Fir trees and thereby improve the view for the condominium development at 2580/2588 Penrhyn?

Why is Abstract Developments building a sales office in front of 2588 Penrhyn, and why is the proposed sales office situated entirely on the road right of way, on public property?

When parking was such a critical consideration in the variance application before Saanich Council, and in light of the fact that parking is an issue generally on lower Penrhyn, why is Abstract Developments entitled to park its sales office on the road right-of way, and thereby eliminate about three parking spots?

If you feel the above is newsworthy, then thank you for looking into it.

Best Wishes

Jerry Donaldson

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