Tudor Avenue: Upcoming Water Main Upgrade Update

Further to our letter dated May 20, 2014 please find below an information update regarding the upcoming water main replacement on Tudor Avenue.

The specific dates for the construction of the water main upgrade along Tudor Avenue have not yet been determined. You will be receiving further notice indicating the starting dates prior to the commencement of the work. Up to this point the water main upgrades along Tudor Avenue have benefited from the availability of alternate routes for traffic, such as Sea view Road.

However once the work progresses along Tudor Avenue there are locations that do not have the benefit of a similar alternate route. Therefore The District of Saanich has looked at the viability of opening up the emergency lane between Phyllis and Arbutus. The emergency lane is not suitable for regular daily traffic but will be opened up to regulated alternating one way traffic on an as needed basis during the hours of construction work. As it is the contractor’s responsibility to make the work zone safe for traffic outside of construction hours, the emergency lane will be closed outside construction hours. The following points out line how the opening of the emergency lane will be managed.  The contractor will be allowed to open up the emergency lane to alternating one-way traffic, only on the occasions when one lane traffic or detours are not possible past the works on Tudor Avenue.

  • The emergency lane will be controlled by the project contractor; flag persons will be at either end of the lane regulating traffic, only allowing one way traffic at any time.
  • Depending on traffic volumes there could be a wait at the emergency lane, while allowing oncoming traffic through.
  • The emergency lane will be closed after construction is finished for the day and, if required, opened once again when construction commences the following day.
  • The contractor will give 48 hours notice to affected residents informing when the emergency lane will be opened. Some minor pruning will be carried out to address encroachment onto vehicular traffic along the length of the emergency lane. The pruning will be completed by The District of Saanich Parks Department prior to the lane being used. It is advised, that during construction, you plan for minor delays alongthe route. While undertaking the work to upgrade the waterworks network on Tudor Avenue the contractor will endeavor to keep disruptions and delays to a minimum. We thank you for your patience for the duration of the work. If you have any questions regarding the project scope feel free to call me at 250-475-5494 ext 3469 or email me.


Doug Weihing

Underground Engineering Technician

The District of Saanich


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