Saanich reassures re emergency lane during water main works on Tudor Avenue

In response to recent concerns expressed by a local resident about likely disruptions on Tudor Avenue due to upcoming water main replacement, Doug Weihing, of the Underground Engineering team at Saanich, has responded: 

[…]  The District of Saanich has looked at the viability of opening up the emergency lane between Phyllis and Arbutus. The emergency lane is not suitable for regular daily traffic but will be opened up to regulated alternating one way traffic on an as needed basis during the hours of construction work. As it is the contractor’s responsibility to make the work zone safe for traffic outside of construction hours, the emergency lane will be closed outside construction hours. […] 

The specific dates for the construction of the water main upgrade along Tudor Avenue have not yet been determined. You will be receiving further notice indicating the starting dates prior to the commencement of the work.

For more information, see full text of the letter.

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