Penrhyn right-of-way structure is not a “site trailer”

(CBRA was cc’d this letter by Jerry Donaldson, addressed to Mike Lai, Director of Engineering at the District of Saanich). 

Dear Mr. Lai:

Re:  2580/2588 Penrhyn Street, Abstract Developments

I confirm my telephone discussion with Steve Wong of the Engineering Department today.  Mr. Wong told me that Abstract Developments obtained from him, today,  a boulevard permit to park a “site trailer” on the road right of way in front of 2588 Penrhyn. 

Mr Wong expressed to me his understanding that that a “site trailer” is a place to store tools and equipment during construction.  We agreed that a sales office is not a site trailer.

On Monday last, I was informed in no uncertain terms by Kyle Ryan at Abstract Developments that the new structure is a sales office.  Mr. Ryan and I agreed that the site trailer is also on site, and that this new construction is not it.

The marketing of the new condos has nothing at all to do with the construction of the complex. Abstract has a sales office already. It is in Oak Bay.

Therefore  it seems to me that, in the permit application process, either Mr. Wong was mis-led about the nature of the new building going up on the road right of way, or he has made an error.  In either case the permit ought to be canceled.  

It is clearly not the intention of relevant legislation and policy that a free-standing commercial venture should be allowed to operate on public property. 


Jerry Donaldson

Cc.  Saanich Council; CBRA; Abstract Developments

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