CBRA meeting with Abstract Developments over “Sales Trailer” on Penrhyn

CBRA Board members and concerned  members of our Association are meeting with Mr. Mike Miller, President of Abstract Developments and Mr. Kyle Ryan, the Site Manager on Wednesday July 9th to discuss the new Building situated on the Boulevard at 2880 Penyhrn Street.

In an email message by Mr. Ryan’s on June 30th, the structure was referred to as a “sales trailer.  However, a review of the Streets and Traffic Regulations Bylaw indicates that the structure fails to comply with the regulations in at least 2 respects:

  1. To qualify as a “trailer” the structure must be “a vehicle without motive power designated to be drawn by a motor vehicle” This building/structure does not qualify under the  definition of trailer in Section 1 of the Bylaw.
  2. The trailer must be used “for the purpose of repairing, altering  or constructing any building or for any necessary work”,

A building or trailer for “sales” is not permitted under the aforementioned bylaw.

We are hopeful a successful resolution can be reported at our regular board meeting on Wednesday, July 9th. 

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