Moratorium on Construction of Walkways and Promenade in Gyro Park

Good Morning CBRA Chair, Vice-Chair and Directors,
Regarding my speaking at the CBRA meeting this Wednesday, 9th July, 

I am attaching a letter that users of Gyro Park and Cadboro Bay residents have formulated.

We are asking, as per Saanich’s own Administrative Policy, that the public be given the chance to have input on this particular segment of the Gyro Park work plan of which to date there has been none. (See relevant page on Saanich website).
The attached letter which I think you will find self-explanatory, only deals with the network of walkways and the promenade/berm, as the “upgrade” to the playground is another huge separate issue.
We, the friends of Gyro Park will be presenting the letter to Saanich Mayor & Council with signatures regarding the proposed 5 meter asphalt paths in Gyro Park.
With this in mind, we, the friends of Gyro Park,  are requesting that CBRA executive pass a Motion of a similar vein, i.e. calling upon Saanich Mayor and Council to instruct Saanich Parks Department to halt all work on the asphalt pathways and promenade until such time as proper community consultation has taken place.
Yours sincerely,
Harriet Graham
on behalf of Friends of Gyro Park

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