Update on Haro Woods

Some time ago, CBRA Chair Eric Dahli wrote to Saanich about the status and plans for the planned attenuation tank in Haro Woods.  Saanich Planning replied on August 6, and forwarded the following questions to the CRD to reply directly to us:

  • What is the closing date for the tank design?
  • What are the timelines for construction?
  • How will noise and light disturbances be mitigated?
  • How will the large deer populations be managed during the two years of construction?

Today (August 19th), Mr. Sweetnam of SeaTerra addressed our questions with the following reply:

As you probably know, there is considerable uncertainty regarding the Seaterra Program (the Program), and in particular the McLoughlin Point Wastewater Treatment Plant.  While the CRD considers its options with respect to the wastewater treatment plant, the CRD has decided to suspend a majority of the Program, except for the construction of Craigflower Pump Station and design of Arbutus Road Attenuation Tank.

 The detailed design of the tank should be complete later this year, but construction will be put on hold until there is more certainty on the location for the wastewater treatment plant.  With respect to the mitigation of noise, light, and deer populations, it is our intention to comply with the Saanich noise bylaws, work would be restricted to Monday to Saturday 7:00 am to 7:00 pm (except in an emergency) and the site would be temporarily fenced during construction to protect the public and wildlife.

The full letter can be seen  here. We’ll keep you posted of further developments as they unfold. 

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