Board meeting, Wednesday, Aug 13: Agenda

Agenda for CBRA Board Meeting on Wednesday August 13, 2014, Goward House – 7:00 PM:

  • Call to order
  • Approval of July board meeting minutes 
  • Treasurer’s Report 
  • Old Business (Reconstituting Parks, Haro Woods and any other committees)
  • Cadboro Heights – Tree Replacement Issue (Barbara)

Email from Mona Sedky-Goode:

The subdivision on Sinclair (aka “Cadboro Heights”) was built on two separate acres that were virtually covered with hundreds of trees.  I was given some relevant info by Steve Wong (who works in Public Works and who answered a question I had about the street lighting that the developer put in that are completely opposite of what he had promised when he came knocking on doors).

Apparently the developer promised that for every tree cut he would pay for three trees to Saanich.  It would seem that CBRA should be insisting that these trees (or at least a substantial amount of them) be planted in Cadboro Bay given that the ones that were taken were a part of “our environment” which has drastically changed as a result of the development.

I hope that CBRA can do something about this.

  • Event Information on CBRA Website (Eric D.)

Should Cadboro Bay residents be allowed to post information about upcoming events for charities or non-profits with which they are involved?  The information could be submitted in the form of a Letter to the Editor, and could then be added to the Calendar.

  • Membership Strategy for the Current Year (Lyn)

Plans for neighbourhood events
Other strategies to increase members
What to budget  ($1935 in memberships last year; $2450 in 2012/13)
Who will be responsible for the membership database

  • Board member roles, responsibilities and limitations (Michael)
  • Composition of preparatory committee for Cadboro Bay Village vision process

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