Saanich Parks: We will reduce path to 12 ft. width in Gyro Park

In the face of continuing concerns by the CBRA board of directors and the complaints by local residents such as Elizabeth Borek and Harriet Graham, Rae Roer, Senior Manager of Saanich Parks department, has written to board chairman Eric Dahli today, advising that: 

[…]  regarding the widths of the main pathway in Cadboro-Gyro Park. Based on this feedback & our ongoing discussions we now plan to reduce the width of the main pathway from 5m (16.25 ft) to 3.7m (12 ft) to match the existing concrete sidewalk. We feel this will still meet the interest in circulation and accessibility. 

With the board’s approval, Eric Dahli is writing back to confirm that this “addresses our concerns and we look forward to the completion of project.”

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