Mini Cell Tower Pilot Project

Dear Board of the Cadboro Bay Residents Association,

This is to give you a heads up of a concern held by many residents in the area regarding the new Mini Cell Tower Pilot Project and our request to present to Saanich Council.  If you were not aware of this Project please see  below.

Would you please  post on your website so our fellow residents can be made aware of the situation.  All community members have the democratic right to be informed about issues that could impact their health, their property values and  insurance coverage.  Please post the PDF’s along with the explanatory letter to Saanich Council so those who want to become more aware are given the opportunity to do so.  Thanks for your consideration of this matter and your service to our community… 

Attached documents:

October 6, 2014.

Dear Mayor and Council,

In the belief that with awareness comes action and with the knowledge that you are all very busy with many matters pertaining to our municipality, an upcoming municipal election and the wrap up of the UBCM convention we are requesting to be put on the Agenda for a Committee of the Whole Meeting, as soon as possible, regarding issues related to the TELUS Mini Cell Tower Pilot Project in Cadboro Bay. 

Rather than clogging your e-mails with repetitive concerns and numerous pages of attached studies it is our hope that by bringing in a professional, to speak to us all, time will be better spent. Katharina Gustavs, a Building Biology Consultant, can address the many science-based issues involved with Electromagnetic frequencies and fields.  Based on Ms. Gustavs’ presentation we can then collaboratively find ways to upgrade the municipality guidelines regarding best siting practices to provide a safe environment for all. If you feel this is not under the purvey of a municipality please see the Toronto Policy attached.  Precautionary guidelines are imperative for this amazing, but as yet untested, wireless technology. Katarina Gustavs has a unique ability to make a very complex subject clear.  She has already made a presentation to the CVRD which went along way to bringing awareness to your fellow community leaders.  Here is the link to this presentation:

International studies have occurred where the large cell antennas have been erected and certain specific protocols have been recommended with regard to placement proximity for residential or institutional areas. (Cell towers should not be sited within 400-500 m. of homes, schools and hospitals.)  These studies, have to our knowledge, not been done for the ambient levels of these newer mini towers used for the Long Term Evolution (LTE) 4th generation LG devices. 

Who is responsible for ensuring that independent testing is done? What parameters will be included, and how and by whom will these parameters be determined? Has the Telecom Co. guaranteed to Saanich Municipality, in writing, that there are no current or potential negative health effects caused by cell towers and will they guarantee full responsibility for members of the community who may be negatively affected?

It is important to note that in our neighbourhood the streets surrounding Frank Hobbs elementary school are surrounded by these 4G cell towers. What role does the BCCPAC resolution and request made to councils play in these installations? Up until now this has been respected. Was this overlooked?  (See attached)

Two other issues requiring consideration are the potential impacts to real estate values, a concern backed up in a recent survey (June 2014) done by the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy (NISLAPP) in Washington, D.C. and the lack of insurance coverage. (See attached). Individuals and municipalities need to be apprised of these potential costs and risks. We all need to know, municipality and residents, who is ultimately responsible for related insurance claims or real estate market values so we can collectively make decisions accordingly.

We realize that the TELUS installations in our community are part of a pilot project, and we would appreciate your assistance in gaining information regarding the performance standards that TELUS will be testing for and if any of them relate to proximity with regard to health, safety and the environment. In short, what are their reasons for installing the mini towers? What factors and processes were used to determine that this pilot was necessary or desired by the community? What will the scope of their studies entail? The recent Safety Code 6 review completed by the Royal Society of Canada Expert Panel, made a number of recommendations to Health Canada. (See attached). Given the panel’s non-binding recommendations, how will Saanich Municipality address some of these gaps, such as reporting and investigating disease clusters, taking practical measures to reduce risks, etc.?

We hope that if areas of concern do arise from this presentation that  Ms. Gustavs’ expertise could assist your staff in requesting some reasonable expectations from TELUS.  This proactive action on behalf of your citizens will hopefully alter any future probabilities of harm by applying the Precautionary Principle for health, safety and the environment. By investigating the property value and insurance issues, now, future legal actions and financial stress can hopefully be alleviated.

In your role as leaders of the community you are indeed responsible for what is in the public interest and we think your time will be well spent learning more about these issues. Saanich, as the largest municipality, could model for others how to best address policies for  new wireless installations. You may find it of interest to click on the following and type your area in the Search Box. It is rather an eye opener when you think about the possible cumulative effects over time.  

We would appreciate knowing the agenda date as soon as possible so we can book Ms. Gustavs and apprise others who may be interested in addressing council. 

With thanks for your time and consideration of this matter,

Don & Janine Beckner, Elizabeth Borek, Keith & Susan Butler, Eileen Campbell, Kathryn D’Introno, Mona Goode, Diana Halloran, William Laurie,  Karen E. Lightbody & family,  John Lankford, Tony & Karen Martin,  Peter & Michelle Milne,Dennis Moore & Karen Hurley, J Vanessa Pollard, Paul & Sherry Ridout, Duncan Scobie, Ray & Betty Anne Smith, Jan Stirling, Emil Utzig, Paul Winston. (Residents of Cadboro Bay)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Elizabeth Ely, Lia Fraser, Kelly & John Green, Eugene Hetherington,Margo Landry, Larry and Marty Layne, Fiona,  Albie, Garnet & Tavin Shamess, Bruce, Brian & Corin Wrigley. (Residents of Saanich)  

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