Join Saanich Advisory Committees/Foundation Boards

Each year in the late fall the Mayor and Council appoint citizens to serve as representatives on various committees and organizations. Anyone interested in being considered for an appointment should submit an application form to the Legislative Division no later than Friday, Nov 7th, 4:30pm. 

For more information, see the attached notice

Click on Appointment List  to see the current incumbents. 

  • Advisory Committees form the majority of Saanich’s committees as is the common practice in many municipalities. These committees, including mandate and membership, are established by Council and most include one Council member as Chair. 
  • Standing Committees are those established by the Mayor for matters considered to be better regulated and managed by means of such committees. The Mayor appoints all members of a standing committee. At least one-half the members must be Council members. The Finance, Audit and Personnel Committee is the only existing standing committee. 
  • Statutory Boards and Authorities are created and regulated through provincial and federal legislation. Each Board and Authority has a unique function within the Municipal framework. 
  • Technical Committees are administrative committees that deal with specific technical matters. Technical committees may include a Council member as Chair or as a liaison. 
  • Select Committees are appointed to consider or inquire into any matter and to report their findings and opinions to the Council. Select committees may be made up of only Councillors or a combination of Councillors, members of the public, and/or staff. Select committees are meant to be finite in nature and tend to be the Task Forces that are appointed from time to time.

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